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OPAPP Secretary looks forward to continuous peace in the Philippines this 2018

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Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Secretary Jesus G. Dureza expressed his optimism that the peace process will move forward this year through other means despite the setbacks in talks with the communist rebels.

“The work of OPAPP is to look for ways and means to move the peace process forward,” Dureza said. “You have to deal with a culture of peace in the communities. You have to work for social healing of broken relationships because of conflict. You have to take care of victims of conflict. There are many ways,” he added.

Secretary Dureza said that OPAPP has been actively pursuing a sustainable and lasting peace through its “Six Paths to Peace” that comprised the comprehensive peace process that include: 1.) Pursuit of social, economic and political reforms. 2.) Consensus-building and empowerment for peace. 3.) Peaceful negotiated settlement with different rebel groups. 4.) Programs for reconciliation, reintegration into mainstream society and rehabilitation. 5.) Addressing concerns arising from continuing armed hostilities. 6.) Building and nurturing a climate conducive to peace.

Dureza welcomes the public reading that the omission of NDF as a terrorist group is an indication that there is still hope for the resumption of talks. “If that is the reading of the public, then we can affirm that the doors have not been totally shut. But we have to take the clear directive from the President right now,” Dureza said.

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