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Bahrain vowed to protect OFWs rights

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Amidst the controversy involving Filipinos working in the Middle East, the Kingdom of Bahrain has vowed to protect Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFW).

On February 13, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Bahrain’s Prime Minister HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salam Al Khalifa met with Philippine Ambassador Alfonso Ver on February 11.

DFA noted Khalifa “expressed concern over the welfare of Filipino workers in Bahrain and assured that the government of Bahrain is committed to protect their rights while they are here in the Kingdom.”

He assured his office would be open to all Filipino workers reporting cases of abuses whether by employers or agencies in Bahrain.

Khalifa also said the Kingdom has always been welcoming to overseas workers, but he prefers Filipinos as he admire them for being “efficient and very good workers.” He even added that there are Filipinos who work in his office and palace.

Ver, on the other hand, showed appreciation for the Bahrain leader’s “genuine concern for Filipino Workers” and stressed that “Filipinos in Bahrain have, in general, received good treatment from their employers.”

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