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France to back up PH navy requirements

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The Philippines has to strengthen its navy given its archipelagic state, a French envoy said, noting his country can provide proposals to support this.

“A country like the Philippines with so many islands and so many waters to control and preserve needs a navy or ships. In this field, we have a lot to propose to the Philippines,” said French Ambassador to Manila Nicolas Galey.

He said France has a lot of proposals to present to the Philippines, however, stressing that the country does not sell defense equipment.

He said the proposals were to help the Philippines “build its own at the second stage.”

“We will propose … the training, maintenance, construction,” he said.

“It’s a very specific approach that we have and that was successful in many parts of the world, including in Southeast Asia,” Galey added.

Galey also noted that while the defense cooperation between the two nations have just started, he remained bullish that both will collaborate to bolster each other’s national security.

“Obviously, things have to be set up progressively. Maybe it would reach that point, but we are just very much starting this cooperation,” he said.

“But the spirit is here, the will is here, and we have a lot to share with the Philippines. We have a good, excellent atmosphere,” Galey said.

“All the ingredients are here to make a good cooperation,” he added.

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