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US to support PH’s battle against tuberculosis

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The US government has committed to help the Philippines with its fight against tuberculosis (TB), which kills two to three Filipinos every hour.

US Ambassador to Manila Sung Kim expressed this support to the Department of Health during a completion ceremony for the US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) five-year, P1.5 billion tuberculosis project–Innovations and Multi-Sectoral Partnerships to Achieve Control of Tuberculosis (IMPACT).

“Infectious diseases like TB can take a terrible toll on individuals, families, and communities,” he said.

Data showed over a million Filipinos suffer from active TB, while many remain unaware that they already have it.

The Philippines, on the other hand, has improved in identifying people with TB and helping them to have anti-TB medicines and other treatments.

With the US government on its side, the country can implement high-impact approaches to diagnose and cure TB.

“The US government works closely with our Philippine counterparts to provide life-saving treatment to TB patients as soon as possible, so they can be cured of the disease,” Kim said.

For the past years, USAID has already extended P4 billion in financial and technical assistance to support the Health Department’s National Tuberculoses Control Program and the Philippine government’s target of eliminating the disease by 2035.

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