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Kuwait approves Duterte’s terms on OFW deal

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President Rodrigo Duterte has succeeded in his quest to intensify protection for Filipinos working in the Middle East region.

During his visit in HongKong on April 12, Duterte announced the good news that the Kuwait government agreed to the conditions he wanted to include in the draft agreement.

“I’m going to Kuwait maybe for the signing. And I have made so many demands before we sign the contract. And in fairness to the Kuwait government, pumayag sila,” he told of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) there.

“I think that to give honor also to the Kuwaiti government, I will go there for the signing just to witness it,” he added.

The conditions he was referring to were: OFWs to be given a day off every week; their passports and cellphones should not be confiscated.

Duterte also urged OFWs to call him if they have complaints.

“My number is probably Manila, 638888. That’s the hotline. 8888 lang,” he said.

The Kuwait government, he noted, also agreed to allow Filipinos to cook their own food, except for food that are forbidden in Islam.

“Sinabi ko sa Cabinet ng meeting, mahirap lang tayo. There’s not enough for everybody. But if everything goes wrong here, we have to accept our countrymen and spend all available money para makatulong sa kanila,” he said.

“’Bahala na,’sabi ko. Magtiis tayo and maybe there’s always God who thinks about equality in this planet. Tutulungan rin tayo ng Diyos,” he added.

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