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MUST READ: 8 tips to avoid heatstroke

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As the month of April marks the entry of the dry season in the Philippines, what must-haves practices should Filipinos do to avoid heatstroke?

But before we divulge with the tips, let’s all be knowledgeable to these symptoms:

• Fainting or unconsciousness
• Light-headedness
• Pulsing headache
• Heavy fatigue or lethargy
• Red and hot skin
• Absence or ceasing of sweat
• Increased heart rate
• Fast, short breathing
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Seizures

Don’t be shy to approach your friends, co-workers or even strangers to help you get to the hospital and have your first aid.

So, here it goes! iNews has listed 10 items to keep you fresh and hydrated this dry season:

1. Protect yourself from the direct Sun! Always bring with you an umbrella and if possible move to a shady or air-conditioned place.

2. Drink more water. You might want to exceed the usual eight glasses of water for a more hydrated body.

3. Choose the right clothing. Don’t wear thick clothes and prefer the loose-fitting, lightweight clothes, such as cotton.

4. Please say no to alcohol and coffee! We know how much fun a chitchat could be with alchol or a cup of coffee, but limit your consumption as this can lead you to dehydration.

5. And smoking! This narrows blood vessels leading you to impair ability to acclimate to heat.

6. When outside wear a hat. This protects you from the direct sunlight and shades your neck and head.

7. Equip your skin with sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

8. When you have an outdoor activity, if it’s possible adjust your schedule and choose either early morning or after sunser.

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