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PH Embassy in Singapore ready to protect OFWs

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The Philippine Embassy in Singapore assured Filipinos working in neighboring Southeast Asian countries that its office will be ready to accommodate them in times of distress.

“As I said, we, the Philippine embassy is open, our doors are open to any suggestion or feedback that our kababayans may have and that we have a very dedicated staff here or people dedicated in the assistance to National Section as well as in our Philippine Overseas Labor Office, POLO,” Ambassador to Singapore Joseph Del Mar Yap said.

“So we stand ready to carry out the mandate of the government as well as the instruction of the president and we take the utmost care, the best care of our OFWs here,” he added.

Yap noted there are around 180,000 Filipinos living and working in Singapore, wherein 60 percent of this number have professional work, while the remaining are domestic workers.

“Already, you can see the Singapore society looks on the Filipinos as contributors to their national development, that we, at 180,000, we are roughly maybe 4 percent of their population,” Yap said.

“Yap stressed overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are considered to have a positive effect on Singapore’s economy.

“They perform a lot of functions that are very much needed in Singapore. And then the skilled workers, they work in hotels, in restaurants, so they also provide very important functions. And even our domestic workers I think, both of them are recognized as much — at a much better level worker than other nationalities,” he said.

Yap even assured that Singapore continues to uphold policies to protect the right of foreign workers.

“If they are being mistreated, if they are not being fed properly, they are not given their day off, they can complain and the police or the manpower department will come and investigate and of course, the embassy itself is always ready to assist them and we always support them when they have these types of complaints,” he said.

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