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Modern-day Filipino Heroes: Recognizing OFWs deeds, sacrifices

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Over 10-million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) worldwide work to earn a living to support their families.

But far more than securing their families’ basic needs, their hard work provides strong remittance inflows which favor the country’s economic development. Their remittance money is a great source of the country’s foreign reserves.

OFWs willingly take the risk of enduring hardships in foreign countries. Many could not even secure better jobs to sustain their family needs.

They toil day and night mainly employed as domestic helpers and caregivers under pressure from both work and homesickness. Being away from their families yet they overcome it patiently only for the sake of loved ones.

Though some of were maltreated and even came home dead, yet the uncertainty of working abroad did not hinder them as long as they have hope to meet their goal in improving their family’s living conditions.

Their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of their loved ones and in turn contribute to the country’s economy earn them worthy to be called our “modern day heroes.”

(Photo credit: Department of Foreign Affairs – Office of Public Diplomacy)

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