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Pinoy-inspired designs makes way at London Fashion Week

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The London Fashion Week (LFW) takes place in London twice a year, showcasing over 250 designers to a global audience.

The House of Ikons featured an all-children fashion show on September 16, 2018.

The theme: “Be Unique Be You” opened the show with an inspirational message against bullying.

About 100 children, including Filipino youngsters, walked down the runway.

Korn Taylor, a Milan-based Filipino designer, did the finale showcasing a 30-piece formal wear for boys and girls.

Korn Taylor brand’s business partner, Chona Bacaoco sadi: “The theme behind this collection as you see — red, blue and yellow — is inspired by the Philippine flag. We are representing the Philippines and doing the finale walk, I was emotional.”

The fashion show did not only showcase the talent and skills of the Filipinos in fashion designing, but it also spoke on how we draw inspiration from our motherland.

Photo credit: Albert Mallari

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